Why Stolpersteine in Bad Soden?

Invitation for the laying of a Stolperschwelle

The AG Stolpersteine in Bad Soden invites you cordially for the laying of a Stolperschwelle in reminder of the Jewish patients, doctors, nurses and employees of the Israelitic Kuranstalt which were victims of the Nazi prosecution.

Meeting point: 10. November 2020, 15 o’clock
Talstraße 12-14
65812 Bad Soden am Taunus

Our mayor, Herr Dr. Blasch, will be present.

A quote from the past:

Bad Soden, since 1933 the regional headquarter of the National Socialist German Worker Party (NSDAP) and also later the regional administration of the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront DAF), is today the countywide headquarter of the movement – the party and DAF – for the amalgamated counties of Main-Taunus-Obertaunus.

– such wrote W. Dellzeit in his article „Bad Soden am Taunus 33-39-Past and Future“ published in the Bad Sodener Zeitung (newspaper) on June 22, 1939. Bad Soden was reckoned nationwide as NSDAP stronghold with Adolf Hitler as honoraray citizen of Bad Soden from 1933 until 1946.
P1130558smlOn November 10, 1938 citizens of Bad Soden had joined, like in the whole third reich two days before, the riots against Jewish people: Especially the synagoge and the Jewish hospital israelistische Kuranstalt were destroyed and its Jewish citizens were banished from the town.



The „Stolpersteine“ in Bad Soden make the victims of national-socialist persecution visible. They mark their last unsollicitedly chosen residence and, by this, cause us to remember the events and individuals.  Often, they offer a link to those families who would still be with us without those dreadful events.

The Stolpersteine are layed in the following locations: