Who we are

We are people who had come together with the aim to remind the national-socialist atrocities in Bad Soden. We collaborate above party lines and independently of religious and life convictions. We feel committed to all groups of victims, because

„Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“ .
(George Santayana 1863-1952)

We are investigating very accurately regionally and  nationwide, and are in constant contact to family members, museums and archives. The long period of ignorance of the national-socialist history of Bad Soden was brought to an end through us.

Our work was recognised when we were awarded the „Culture promotion award Bad Soden“ on November 3, 2014.


Our activities

Regular meetings and sharing of information

January    Presentation on the New Years reception of the town mayor
27.1.    cinema event on the „Day of the persecuted of the national socialism“
10.11.    Commemoration to the nationwide night of pogroms 9./10. Nov. 1938
Caring for the installed Stolpersteine by their „godparent“ schools (MBS Sulzbach, HvK Eschborn).


Council support

Our activities are based on the unanimous decision of the town council on October 5, 2011 which says:

„The town council welcomes the project „Stolpersteine“ which remembers the victims of the Nazi regime and votes for an implementation within Bad Soden. “Stolpersteine“ can be placed upon request in all  parts of the town Bad Soden which are not private property.  This means that after a request the permission for setting Stolpersteine in public space is granted within a very short time period. The costs for purchase and laying is covered solely by private funding.“