Therese Cohn

Therese was born on June 7, 1880 in Reckenroth, Hessen. Her parents were Lazarus Marcus Grünebaum and Lisette (Löwenberg) Grünebaum. She was well-educated and went to a commercial college. She married the five-year-older Emil Scheuer (born August 3, 1875) in Bad Soden. They had two daughters, Else (1906) and Erna (1910). Emil committed suicide in September 1912.

On September 25, 1920 Therese married the 13-year older Abraham Cohn. Her father Julius Scheuer was then 75 years old and signed over his properties to his son-inlaw Abraham, his daughters Rosa and Theresa and his grandchildren Elsa and Erna.

On Pogrom Night, November 10, 1938, her apartment was demolished. Documents were destroyed, furniture was damaged or thrown out the window. Anything of value, including money, jewelry, silverware and clothing were stolen. The overall damage came to about 8,000 Reich marks, a small fortune at the time. Although her assets had sunk to less than 5,000 Reich marks, she still had to pay the 20% “Jewish wealth tax” and had to sell their properties.

The Cohn family then moved in 1939 to Lersnerstr. 34 in Frankfurt where they lived with Theresa’s daughter Elsa and grandson Siegbert.

Frankfurt started deportations in October 1941. A deportation especially for younger Jews was planned for June 11, 1942. Rumours about the deportation and its consequences swirled around the city long before its occurrence. On June 14, 1942 Therese’s daughter Elsa and her grandson Siegbert overdosed on sleeping pills in their apartment. They were brought to the Israeli hospital where they died.  Abraham and Therese had them interred in the Frankfurt Jewish cemetery.

On September 1, 1942 Therese was transported with an older-deportation train to a concentration camp in Theresienstadt. She was killed there on March 6, 1944.

Therese’s last voluntary residence was her home in Bad Soden, Alleestr. 24.