Mina Grünebaum

Mina Grünebaum

Mina Grünebaum was born on 19th of Oktober,1881 in Bad Ems. She had an illegitimate son Albert (*1906) which was raised by her younger sister Käte. Descendants of Albert still live in Lens (France).

Since1908 she worked as housekeeper at the family of Dr. Max and Regina Isserlin in their house at Hauptstraße 6 and – after the forced relocation in the middle of the 1930s – to the house  Dachbergstraße 25.

In the Saturday edition of the Bad Sodener Zeitung of April 1, 1933, it is stated on the first page under the heading „Local and General“: „ANNIVERSARY OF SERVICE. Today, Ms. Mina Grünebaum celebrates 25 years of service with the Isserlin family. The jubilarian should not be lacking in congratulations.“ – On the same day, a boycott of Jewish businesses organized by the National Socialists took place throughout the German Reich, and Hitler was nominated as honorary citizen of Bad Soden.

After November 10, 1938 and the forced expulsion from the house at Dachbergstraße 25 in Bad Soden, she lived in Frankfurt am Main. From there, Mina Grünebaum was deported to the Minsk ghetto together with her younger sister Käte and her son Albert in the second major deportation from Frankfurt on November 11, 1941. In 1942 – the exact date of her death is not known – Mina Grünebaum was shot near a camp near Minsk due to exhaustion.

Mina Grünebaum’s last freely chosen place of residence was the at Hauptstraße 6, today Zum Quellenpark 6, in Bad Soden.

For more information see the newspaper article about Mina Grünebaum from the Höchster Kreisblatt of 7.12.2013.