Exhibition “Against Forgetting – 10 years AG Stolpersteine Bad Soden”

The working group (AG) Stolpersteine in Bad Soden invited 10 years after its founding in August 2013 to an exhibition in the art cabinet in the cultural center Badehaus in the old spa gardens.

Ten years in which the initiative has researched and documented individual fates of Soden citizens who were victims of the National Socialists. People, such as the Soden spa doctor and director of the Israelite Kuranstalt, Dr. Max Isserlin and his family, who were expropriated and forced to flee. Else Maier (née Scheuer) committed suicide with her 15-year-old sick son Siegbert because the reprisals against Jews became unbearable and she had no money left to live on. The Social Democrats Johann Malinowski and Fritz Lagemann were persecuted for their political views. Arrested in the resistance, Malinowski was sent to the Bürgermoor concentration camp, Lagemann to Frankfurt-Preungesheim prison. “Abused, tortured, released in 1937” is written on Lagemann’s stumbling stone. At their last freely chosen place of residence in Bad Soden, the AG has publicly laid Stolpersteine for the victims, thus giving them a name again.

With detailed texts and photos, the exhibition traces the harrowing fates. And with 29 Stolpersteine laid in Bad Soden, it participates in the art project of the Cologne artist Gunter Demnig.

The exhibition „Against Forgetting“ had been opened on saturday, October 21th, at 16 o’clock in the art cabinet in the cultural center Badehaus in the old spa gardens. It was opened until sunday, October 29th, 2023.